Graywater utilization

Graywater refers to feces-free and mildly polluted wastewater. This can include wastewater from washbasins, washing machines, showers, bathtubs, and similar sources.

We had the opportunity to plan the first installation of its kind nationwide in a multi-family house in Zurich, Switzerland.
The wastewater from the mentioned sources is separated from the remaining sewage and pre-cleaned in grease separators. It then enters a collection tank with a heat recovery system specially developed by Giovanoli Gebäudetechnik for this purpose, which preheats the domestic hot water.
The cooled graywater is directed to the vertical vertECO unit. The vertECO unit cleans the wastewater and graywater using a vertical plant-based wastewater treatment system. Specific plant species are planted in a specific sequence. Through microbiological activities in the root zone, the graywater is purified.
The purified water is then used for toilet flushing, garden valves, plant irrigation, and washing machines.
This system allows for water savings of over 50%, reducing the reliance on drinking water.

*image source: alchemia-nova