Perfect building technology from the Landquart region

We distinguish ourselves through precision, speed, and, not least, our courteous manner. Whether you are preparing the planning of a construction project or grappling with issues in an ongoing project, contact us today for a fair offer, and we assure you competent and goal-oriented support.

Neutral engineering office

  • As a neutral engineering office, we have no obligations towards suppliers or any other stakeholders.

  • We do not benefit from sales commissions.

  • Giovanoli Gebäudetechnik is completely independent and does not have to consider any parent company or investors.

  • We have only one goal: satisfied customers.

Interdisciplinary building services engineering planning

A heating system design, ventilation system design, and plumbing system design are complex entities in themselves with individual requirements.

By integrating all trades in an integral building services engineering planning, synergies can be utilized, and redundancies can be avoided. Coordination issues are resolved internally, and coordination meetings can be minimized.

Nowhere in the construction industry do more problems arise than in communication between involved companies. We offer you the complete package of building services engineering planning to prevent such conflicts from arising in the first place.

Our range of services

We offer the following services:

Planning throughout Switzerland

Our area of operation covers the entire Switzerland. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to competently handle projects within a wide radius. Our location near Landquart on the outskirts of the canton of Graubünden enables us to reach almost any point in Switzerland within a reasonable timeframe. We have successfully conducted planning projects from Basel, Zurich, Chur, Lugano to Samnaun.