Revit training for HVAC professionals

Autodesk Revit, Leading BIM Software for HVACR Planners, Engineers, and Architects

No modern planning office can do without Revit today...
...however, getting started and especially transitioning can often be challenging. Frequently, software training fails to provide enough practical knowledge, which means users can operate the program but cannot work productively.

We offer firsthand practical knowledge. Our expertise is based on the fact that we plan all of our projects with Revit – from the concept to the revision plans. This enables us not only to facilitate a smooth transition to Revit but also an efficient and productive use of this powerful software.

Our training offer is aimed at:

Below, you'll find more information about the listed target groups:

  • Planning offices
  • Individuals
  • Suppliers
  • Career changers

What you will learn

In our courses, we work together on creating a small object and delve into all the relevant processes involved in the planning of building services systems. Upon completion of the training, you will be able to plan projects of any size using Revit.

Why you'll learn more with us

We plan everything from single-family homes to hotels and commercial buildings with Revit, focusing on heating, ventilation, and plumbing systems. Thanks to our many years of experience, we've learned how to successfully overcome daily challenges in modeling - and we want to share this knowledge with you!

How is the training conducted?

Our training includes direct live coaching in our training facilities in the Landquart region. Alternatively, training sessions can also be conducted directly on-site at the customer's location. The presence of the instructor ensures maximum learning success, as questions can be clarified immediately.

Our partners

We use software from Linear GmbH based in Aachen. Linear provides special modules for Revit that enable calculations according to Swiss standards. Depending on the requirements, the use of Linear software can be an integral part of our training.

Planning offices

Regardless of whether it's team training or the onboarding of a new employee – our training ensures a quick start with Revit.


Do you want to increase your market value? Then mastering Revit – an internationally highly sought-after skill in building technology – is crucial. Revit is used worldwide for BIM projects. As a proficient user, you'll always be a top candidate!


Your customers demand 3D data of your products? You want to offer your partners added value and be one step ahead of the competition? Create Revit content for your products and win the hearts of planners. Training sessions specifically tailored to this purpose will take your employees to the next level and make you the favorite of planning offices.

Career changers

You have little experience in building services engineering but want to switch to this significant industry? A career change can be challenging, especially when you need to learn everything at once. Prepare yourself and master the globally widespread BIM software Revit. This way, you can focus on the essentials at your new job – your new field of expertise.