save (a lot of) money with our simulation.

Achieve significant savings in the investment and operation of your buildings.


Throughout the year, buildings are exposed to various influences. Conventional calculation methods often inadequately account for these fluctuations, resulting in unnecessary costs and reduced comfort. Our solution provides more precise results and optimizes investments and operations.

Why are building simulations not yet the standard in the construction industry?

The construction industry is known for its stability and tradition. However, in an era where sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important, many wonder why building simulations have not yet become standard practice. One of the main reasons for this is the financial investment associated with implementing simulation methods. For more on this topic, see our Blog Post: Simulation Costs.

Are the costs the sole reason for the scarcity of providers nationwide in Switzerland?

There are additional factors contributing to the limited adoption of simulations:

- Education and Knowledge:
Many professionals in the construction industry may not be adequately trained or familiar with the latest simulation tools and methods, which can hinder acceptance.

- Traditional Practices:
In many parts of the world, builders and architects rely on established, traditional practices and expertise. Introducing simulations requires a shift in mindset and approach.

- Time Constraints:
Simulations demand time for data input, execution, and analysis. In an industry often constrained by tight schedules, this could be seen as a hindrance.

- Acceptance and Trust:
While building simulations provide more precise results, it may take some time for them to gain acceptance and trust from all stakeholders in the construction industry.

Is every construction project suitable for simulation?

In principle, yes, but the effort is worthwhile only for a certain size. However, specific locations or building characteristics can lead to smaller buildings also benefiting from a simulation.

Significant savings in investment and operation can already be achieved in smaller multi-family houses with approximately 6 units. Suitability must always be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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