Your place or mine?

Meetings are valuable. When people meet in person, communication and collaboration in the future become easier - you know who you're dealing with.

In addition to necessary meeting appointments, many additional meetings are scheduled out of habit and for security reasons. To ensure that all questions can be answered, it is best to have all project participants present.

The majority of meeting attendees travel individually by car. In an average project meeting, it is not uncommon for 5-10 people/cars to drive to the meeting location and back.

This can easily result in emitting 33 kg of CO2 per meeting just from the car journeys alone.

By planning meetings, regular check-ins, etc., sparingly, we actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, reducing traffic congestion, and ultimately increasing productive working time.

Lesen Sie auch diesen Beitrag, to learn more about alternative options

Driving distance (round trip): 12mi
10 meeting participants
50% diesel and 50% gasoline (average car, e.g., VW Golf)

source: Quarks & Co.