Paperless office

At Giovanoli Gebäudetechnik, we have been consistently working in a paperless environment since 2018. By doing so, we save natural resources and have significantly increased our efficiency.

The act of printing most documents is objectively unnecessary. It is a waste of paper and toner and is neither economically nor environmentally sensible.

Approximately half of all printed pages are never looked at.

In Switzerland, the per capita paper consumption is 427.7 pounds per year.

Per capita, the paper consumption requires approximately:

1,213 pounds of wood
3,434 gallons of water
4.436 million BTUs of energy
Over 40% of the globally harvested wood is processed into paper products.

Take a moment to notice how much "blank" paper is wasted when printing out an email for no reason.

Quelle: WWF Schweiz